About Us:  Meet Tonya

My name is Tonya M. Hudson.  I founded Miss Dress Code in 2015 after completing 9 years of studying various facets of business management.  During this time, a therapeutic activity was much needed so I went back to doing what I enjoyed as a adolescent; designing and creating.  I decided to leverage my studies and craft to form Miss Dress Code.  Creating eye-catching personal and home fashion has always been a passion of mine. I have an admiration for unique, bold, and one-of-a-kind pieces and consider these as works of art.  I enjoy working with various materials including fabric, shells, wood, glass, resin and clay and embrace any opportunity to explore and incorporate more. To watch these materials manifest into something enjoyable to the beholder is such a wonderful experience. My goal is to make something that any and everyone can appreciate for special reasons. Inspiration for my work comes from many sources. Personalization coupled with a simple piecing together of colors, patterns, shapes, and textures brings my vision to life each time! In addition to creating, I also enjoy hand selecting beautifully odd fashion to share with my clients.  Currently I am working diligently to enhance my craft. I am looking forward to this journey and capturing more inspiration along the way!